Roxton Row

DAL Designs provided extensive due diligence, design, and professional support services (public liaison, marketing graphics) to our client, a developer in Lamar county, Texas.  Our client wished to develop a small tract of land into multi-family rental property.  To this end, DAL Designs provided:

~due diligence report which addressed legal, environmental, and budget concerns.  This report informed the client and the client’s financial institution of the feasibility and profitability of the project;

~ Site planning and marketing graphics;

~ construction documents for two story fourplexes to be located on the main property;

~ construction documents for a single-family rental house to be located on an adjacent lot;

~ alternate plan to develop duplexes on a third property the client currently owns

Below is one page of the promotional graphics.  This graphic was used to inform the city council and attending public of the property and what benefits the development would bring to the community.



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