Aerial Photography

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DAL Designs now offers aerial photography under the name DALvisions.  With the use of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone), DALvisions is able to offer high-quality 14 megapixel photography and 1080p video for a variety of applications.  To date DALvisions is able to or has conducted flights for:

* Business advertising;

* Oilfield tank farm and flare stack inspection;

* Utility and right-of-way inspection;

* Wildlife and rangeland management;

* roof, tree, and other high-elevation inspections;

* real estate advertising;

* disaster response;

* insurance documentation;

* sports skill videos; and

* special / charity events

Often, deploying a UAV is safer than requiring a human being to go into a potentially hazardous situation.  This is especially valuable when dealing with high elevations where falling is a concern, or when potentially hazardous utilities such as electrical transmission lines are involved.  In advertising, UAVs allow a freedom of movement and variety of angles that on-the-ground photography does not, allowing us to capture truly breathtaking scenes and video.  Finally, UAVs can go where people cannot- a valuable advantage when documenting the damage left by a tornado or hurricane, or while helping law enforcement locate a child missing in a state park…

Whatever your aerial photography needs, DAL Vision is ready to provide it.  Contact us today!


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